Laughing Laura would like to thank Dr. Madan Kataria and his wife Madhuri as well as her Laughter Friends all over the world who make this world such a happy place and in doing so, inspired the creation of this resource.

Be Laughter—a complete course in one CD!
I love everything Laura Gentry creates! However, Be Laughter is her greatest work of genius yet. There is so much packed into one CD that I am literally blown away. This is a therapeutic tool that can benefit EVERYONE. Laura took a 3 part course in healing yourself with laughter and created the ultimate CD/healing tool that can go everywhere. I am amazed, beyond impressed and completely graced with a newfound respect for Laura's work. Be Laughter is the most self empowering product I have seen yet in the field of Laughter Yoga and sets the bar at a new standard. Well done!

—Rhonda Lee (NC, United States)

Laughing Laura has does it again!
Laura is known for her quality products that help people create their own laughter practices, and Be Laughter is no exception. This CD provides a very thorough practice for laughter professionals and anyone else interested in light-hearted living to prepare for the day through breathing and laughter exercises, to infuse light-hearted fun into the middle of the day, and to end the day with a powerful yet relaxing meditation. The CD is organized into three parts--morning, noon, and night--so you can easily listen to just the tracks that are appropriate for your intention in the moment--energizing or relaxing. As Laura says, practicing the exercises on this CD for 21 days (long enough to create a habit) can be a powerful transformative practice! Learning to laugh alone makes you feel so much more comfortable in your body and accepting and loving of yourself, and now Laura has provided a resource so you can laugh along with her, anytime, anywhere! The Be Laughter practices are instrumental for anyone wanting to feel more relaxed, playful, and loving. Thanks for creating this wonderful resource, Laura!

—Anne Timpany (Idaho Falls, ID United States)

Love to Laugh and "Be Laughter"
I love Laura Gentry's great works. She is so creative and fun. This new CD is excellent. I enjoyed every laughter and breathing exercise and loved relaxing to her soft voice. It is a great tool for my work with groups here in Chile, and also to enjoy at home alone. I definitely recommend it!

—Tosha Tobias (Santiago, Chile)

You'll Be Inspired by Be Laughter!
Once again, Laughing Laura has produced an amazing laughter resource. I love Be Laughter; the breathing exercises are incredibly relaxing and helpful when it comes to the laughter exercises. The laughter exercises themselves are incredibly uplifiting and fun. It allows you and encourages you to be yourself in laughter; which is the whole point of the CD: to get to know yourself better as a laughing being! I especially love the yoga nidra at the end. It is an incredible relaxation device at bedtime, or during a naptime in the afternoon if you so choose. I love the "sankalpa" statment, as it provides affirmation for ourselves. The insert that comes with the CD gives a detailed description of the exercises so you know before you begin what the exercises will entail. I highly reccommend Be Laughter!

—Jenna Couch (Iowa, United States)

Love to laugh! 
Laughing Laura loves to laugh, and to share the joy of laughter with others. Most everyone will feel more joyous after laughing along with this CD (if you don't I don't think I'd want to hang out with you). My children also really enjoy falling asleep to the last track - yoga nidra. I like to think of them falling asleep with a smile on their faces!

—Kelli Boylen, Massage Therapist (Iowa, United States)

Miraculous Results!
I listened to the Yoga Nidra on this CD one night and was blown away by the results I felt the next morning! So much more energy and a feeling that I was well-rested for the first time in a long time! I have sleep apnea and use a machine at night, but still never felt as good in the morning 
as when I listened to Be Laughter. 
—Pam Martin, Laughter Leader,

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Be Laughter is a triumph! For years, research has shown the daily laughter and play is essential to health and vitality but laughing alone can be daunting. Be Laughter combines the warmth and spontaneity of a laughter club with an easy-to-follow plan for daily use that never gets old. I recommend it to all my students and friends, even those who've never tried Laughter Yoga. The results have been hilarious and miraculous!

—Jody Ross,
Director of the Come to Life Project

-Laughing Laura's voice is perfect for Yoga Nidra. She has a profound sense of what to say when. You can tell she's spent years honing her craft, and I can't think of any other guided meditation experience I have participated in that was this good.

—Daniel Stout,
Manufactured Environments

Morning – 5 yogic breathing exercises followed by 15 minutes of laughter, which you can do regardless of your mood. This will kick off your day by connecting you to your own inner peace and joy.

Noon – A laughter dance party to get you moving, breathing, laughing and dancing. It will revitalize you for whatever lies ahead.

Night – Unwind at bedtime with yoga nidra, a unique form of meditation done while lying down. It induces complete relaxation of the body, mind and emotions. At the end, the music will lull you into sleep, enabling you to rest in a blissful state.

This CD is packaged in a cool, brightly colored digipak featuring Laughing Laura's original art work. Not only that, it's the greenest digipak around—made with certified green components. The tray comes from 100% post-consumer water bottles (this production saved 400 liter-sized bottles from the landfill!). And thanks to careful attention to chain of custody and use of carbon offset credits, the entire package is rendered 100% carbon neutral! Zero carbon footprint! So you can laugh without guilt.

This project is dedicated to the memory of Laura's mother, Sharon Smith, who in loving her unconditionally, empowered Laura to be laughter. Her article about how Laughter Yoga helped her through her grief is now a chapter in Dr. Kataria's book The Inner Spirit of Laughter.

Laughter is the best medicine and you can get a daily dose with this fun, easy-to-use CD resource created by Laughing Laura!

A Harvard University study has shown that spending just 10 minutes each day sitting and breathing will increase your happiness. Dr. Madan Kataria and his wife, Madhuri, founders of the worldwide Laughter Yoga Movement, urge laughers everywhere to intentionally breathe and laugh every day. This, they explain, will help you live in the inner spirit of laughter—to not just enjoy laughter, but to be laughter in a holistic way.

We lead busy lives, though, so it’s difficult to take the time for this practice. That’s why Laughing Laura created this resource to help you. On this 75 minute recording and accompanying 8-page booklet, she'll cheerfully guide you through:

Laughing Laura has revolutionized the daily practice of Laughter Yoga
with this brilliant resource! Whether you’re a beginner or a professional laugher, Be Laughter will change your life for good. 
I have no doubt that this will further our mission of increasing world peace through laughter.

—Dr. Madan Kataria,
Founder Laughter Yoga International


1. Breath of Fire (3:36)
2. Synchronized Breathing (3:08)
3. Cross Nostril Breathing (3:56)
4. Humming Bee Breath (3:32)
5. Conscious Breathing (5:41)
6. Laughing While Seated (5:08)
7. Laughing While Lying Down (4:55)
8. Laughing While Standing (5:06)

9. Laughter Dance Party (5:26)

10. Yoga Nidra (33:35)


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The cover art of Be Laughter is a painting by Laughing Laura. It's one of her most innovative paintings in that it depicts the joy of laughter emanating from the heart of the person who is "being laughter." This inspirational design is available on a 2x2 inch magnet at The Laughter Shoppe and it can be printed on a T-shirt, pendant or another fun product at CafePress.