An interactive, Christian resource, this 75-minute disc includes:

BIBLE STUDY—An exploration of holy scripture highlighting God's desire to turn your mourning into dancing, to clothe you with joy (scripture references).

LAUGHTER WORKOUT—A faith-filled set of playful laughing & breathing exercises led by Pastor Laura & demonstrated by the fabulous laughers—laugh along & cultivate the fruit of joy

SILLY SINGING—13 old favorite Sunday school songs & hymns sung by a choir in an exuberant style—sing & dance along to get in touch with your childlike faith (song lyrics)

GUIDED MEDITATION—Relax into the peace that passes all understanding with this happy meditation to help you rest in God's love

Her best CD yet!
Laughing Laura is wonderful! This CD is even better than her last. The laughter exercises and guided meditation at the end were my favorite parts but the entire CD is quite enjoyable. It is a Christian themed laughter work out but regardless of your religious/spiritual preferences it will help you take a mindful and active approach toward cultivating more joy, faith and laughter in daily life. I played it in the car with my four year-old and she quickly laughed along.
—Julie Hanson, Laughter Yoga Leader

Holy Hysterics is packaged in an environmentally-friendly, cardboard "wallet" that includes a spine (as pictured to the left) so you can place it on your CD shelf and find it with ease. The disc itself fits securely in a pocket on the inside. We've put a lot of thought into this and we know you'll enjoy this brightly colored CD case that's good for the environment.

Pastor Laura Gentry is an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). She is currently the pastor of Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Lansing, Iowa—the congregation known as the "Laughing Lutherans" because it hosts Iowa's first and longest-running laughter club. A dynamic motivational speaker, Pastor Gentry leads faith-based, singing, dancing, laughing seminars around the world and has been named a Laughter Ambassador by Laughter Club International for her creative contributions to World Laughter.  Learn more about her Laughter Ministry here.

Join the laughing pastor, Reverend Laura Gentry, in

this faith-filled, laughing, dancing, singing, praising, whooping with joy, go bananas work-out to make your walk with the Lord

a silly one. 


printable scripture references
1. Welcome 
2. The Case for Laughter
3. How this Program Works

4. Warm Ups
5. About the Laughter Claps
6. Passing of the Peace
7. Happy Breath
8. Start Your Laughter Engines
9. Snicker Bubbles
10. Potluck Jell-O Laughter
11. Love Everybody Breath
12. Laughter Conga Line
13. Angel Breathing
14. Ice Cube Laughter
15. Staccato Breath
16. Wide Mouth Laugh
17. Balloon Breath
18. Praising Circle
19. Easter Affirmations
20.  Scratch & Sniff Breath
21. Belly Laughter
22. Chicken Laughter
23. Breathe Through Your Ears
24. Mourning into Dancing
25. Inhale God’s Love
26. Ice Cream Cone Laughter
27. Lily Breath
28. Hugging Laughter
29. Sweeping Breath
30. Laugh At Yourself
31. Laughing Gas
32. Aloha Laughter
33. Hundredth Birthday Breath
34. Silly Walk Laughter
35. My Hair is so Beautiful Breath
36. Slow & Fast Motion Laughter
37. Doggie Breath
38. Ants in Your Pants Laughter
39. Hug Yourself Breath
40. Laughing Bunny Hop 
41. Tee Hee Binoculars
42. Laugh at Death
43. Echo Laughter
44. Make a Joyful Noise
45. Faith-Filled Laffirmations
46. Laughter Blessings
47. Forgiveness Breath
48. Joy of the Lord Laughter

printable song lyrics
49. This Little Light of Mine
African American Spiritual
50. Jesus Loves Me
William Bradbury
51. Ho Ho Ho Hosanna
52. Children of the Heav’nly Father
Swedish folk tune, lyrics by Carolina Sandel Berg, tr. Ernst Olson
53. I’m Gonna Sing When the Spirit Says Sing
African American Spiritual
Additional lyrics by Laura Gentry
54. Joy to the World
English melody, lyrics by Isaac Watts
55. Give Me Oil in My Lamp
Additional lyrics by Laura Gentry

56. Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee
Ludwig van Beethoven,
lyrics by Henry van Dyke
57. Praise Him, Praise Him 
58. Jesus Christ is Ris’n Today
Lyra Davidica, lyrics v.4 Charles Wesley,
Tr.J Walsh
59. I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy
George Willis Cook
60. Rejoice in the Lord Always
Evelyn Tarner ©1967, Used by Permission
61. I’m so Glad Jesus Lifted Me
African American Spiritual
Additional lyrics by Laura Gentry

62. Meditation Introduction
63. Happy Guided Meditation


Dr. & Mrs. Madan Kataria

​Luis Magunia


is available as a disc or download

from these fine vendors:


sound engineer/composer for meditation
fabulous laughers















All scripture is quoted from the New Revised Standard Version, copyright 1989, Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

 Holy Hysterics CD is AWESOME!
If you want a refreshing CD, you need to buy Holy Hysterics. This CD is so much fun. You can't help but smile and laugh when you listen to it. My husband is serious most of the time and when listening to the CD with me we had a good laugh together. I plan on using the CD when I teach Sunday school and for our Classic Members Dinner(church members over 80 yrs old). I can't wait to use Faith Filled Laffirmations.  Thank you Pastor Laura for putting together such a fun CD! 
God Bless You!
—Tina B.

Holy Hysterics is really awesome! I use many of the exercises in my laughter group and in another small group at church, share them with family and friends, and also use them in my personal laughter practice. Anyone who wants to improve physical, emotional and spiritual health through laughter - and with a focus on Jesus - will love this! My 7-yr-old granddaughter Megan says: Holy Hysterics is really really fun! because I love to laugh and it is really fun because you can make the laughter spread and you can feel happiness in your body from it. the end!!! :-) 
—Joy Full Joan

 Refreshing, fun, amazing!

Holy Hysterics is wonderfully fun and refreshing. It’s amazing! I really appreciate the Christian emphasis of this CD and particularly love the guided meditation. I will definitely want to incorporate some of these exercises into my practice and as I lead a spiritual disciplines group at my church.
—Joan S.

 Singing and Laughing with the Lord!
I was so excited to receive my Holy Hysteric disc, I could hardly get it out of the envelope. I have been laughing with it in the car all day. Laura's best work ever! I'm definitely going to share it with the ladies from my church at our upcoming Women of Faith Afternoon Tea. I listened to the songs just before bedtime last night. What a great way to sleep—singing and laughing with the Lord! Highly Recommended.
—Karen Ricagno, Founder of Joy-In-Motion RX exercise program

I am a Laughter Yoga leader....and used this cd as part of my class with a bunch of lutheran church ladies! They LOVED it very much! Especially love love love the meditation part! Thank you Laura Gentry! Amazing! Wonderful! so Awesome!!!! is this CD! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel the healing benefits that come from laughter! ho ho ha ha ha!!!! <3 :)
—Marilyn A. Kurtz, Canada

Proves That Laughing For No Reason Can Be Really Uplifting
I admit it takes some gusto to laugh for no reason at all. The first I learned about laughter yoga was on an Oprah show where she sent her hair dresser to improve his mood with a laughter yoga session. It was obvious that he felt that it was quite weird to say the least, but he did get into it eventually.

Just sitting there trying to convince yourself that something just caught your funny bones compelling you to laugh hilariously in the absence of a joke or comedy show, takes a little of a learning curve. But you would be surprised how much it really doesn't matter after you do it for even as little as five minutes, and to me Holy Hysterics made it so much easier. It proves that laughter, just like yawning is quite contagious. You hear others laughing and that makes you want to laugh, especially with the type of enthusiasm demonstrated in this audio.

I guess the trick is to just let go of the need to not look silly, because silliness is probably the number one requirement for laughing for no reason at all. Once you can get yourself to this point, you will have a wonderful time with this audio. But maybe you might want to let others around you in on what you are doing, or just embrace this time as your “me time” and close the door.
—Holistic Diva, Brooklyn, New York

Takes on its own Life!
Because I know this is a powerful CD, I gave a copy of Holy Hysterics to a friend who is being treated for depression. A few weeks later, I saw her at our pianist performance group. It was the Christmas meeting and when it was my friend's turn, she made everyone stand up and laugh " Joy to the World" (just like on the CD). We all belted it out and had a great time. But that wasn't all! She went on to lead us in Santa Ho Ho Ho's, then ticklish He He He's, then a low growing laugh and finally gibberish. I was thrilled! What an amazing change we saw in her. I'd heard that laughter yoga takes on a life of its own but now I've seen it for myself and this CD really made it easy to share. Thank you!

The fabulous cast of Holy Hysterics