I've listened to the disc several times, and I can honestly tell you that it's amazing, immensely pleasurable, and good for your health as well. It sounded so funny, and really tickled my funny bone.
—Daniel Stout


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Above is Laughing Laura with the cast of Fabulous Laughers on the CD and yes, they did wear the silly hats throughout the recording session. You can hear it in their laughter!

Say goodbye to stress on the road with this spoken word CD by Laughing Laura. Laugh your way to health and happiness as you drive or ride your daily commute. Using the principles of Laughter Yoga, a worldwide movement initiated by Dr. Madan Kataria of India, you will laugh, cheer, do deep breathing, positive affirmations, happy chants and more thus transforming your commute time into an exercise for mind, body and spirit. Each exercise of this 23 minute workout is introduced by Laughing Laura and demonstrated by a group of zealous laughers making it easy to join in. Laugh Your Way There—the only product of its kind—delivers big fun!