Patti Rey has been writing for Inspirations & Praise since 2014. These spirit-led poems, prayers, and messages have been reaching people across the world through the avenue of social media. Her first book of prayers and poems, God-willing, will arrive on the scene by the end of July; with her children’s book I Love You No Matter What to follow soon after. In addition to writing and speaking, God has given her a heart for the poor of the world. She has several sponsor children throughout the world and has recently become a Child Ambassador for World Visions. Patti will be speaking about Our Breath Our Connection. 


A Certified laughter yoga leader, shamanic healer, tapping leader, drum circle leader, and minister. Through the vibration of laughter, tapping and drumming, participants will experience the gift of healing--healing of spirit, soul and body.The workshop will be completely experiential with complete immersion. 

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from University of IL, Champaign, Sherry Avila has served as a Teacher of various ages, Presenter of all ages, Entrepreneur, CAN-TV Producer and Hostess for Laughter CAN-TV Shows, Girl Scout Leader, Diversity Committee Member, Tour Guide, and Private School Board Member for which she studied many additional classes, courses, and achieved various licenses. 



Laughter Yoga Master Teacher and silliness expert,
Laughing Laura is the former organizer of the Laugh-Fest. She will be looking relaxed this year because she's no longer the primary organizer! HA HA HA! She'll be on-hand to lead various laughter exlosions, songs and dances.

What makes Laugh-Fest so amazing is the expertise, passion, talent, wisdom, creativity, hilarity, joy and pant-suits of our presenters. Here is a printable hand-out with descriptions of all the speakers. Below you can read about some of the amazing people who will be blessing our fest.


Teddy Widdel was an Art teacher for twenty four years and then suddenly found herself in the health care industry. She has been a Wellness Coordinator, Activity Director and a Marketing Director for Seniors with and without dementia. During her new career she became a Laughter Yoga Teacher and discovered how to use laughter in her own life to help others that she worked with every day. She recently quit her full-time job to pursue her passion to help others enjoy their life through her laughter presentations and motivational stories to encourage everyone to be happy anyway! Teddy is also this year's Laugh-Fest coordinator. We thank her for her leadership.

We don't think it would even be a Laugh-Fest without the absurdly talented and delightful Celia! She will be back for her fourth Laugh-Fest! Her concert will be Satruday evening. Celia has has been described as "A cross between an Earthy Enya, Joan Baez, and Tina Fey." She dishes up the most delicious concoction of the silly and sacred. With powerful, heart-felt vocals and wacky comedic improvisations, the audience never knows what will happen with Celia on stage. A singer/songwriter with 10 albums, comedienne and Laughter Yoga Teacher, Celia will play a concert for us on Friday night of the Laugh-Fest and the church field-trip on Sunday morning. If you don't already adore Celia, you will after you meet her at the Laugh-Fest. Read her interview.

​“Go out of your way to see her. You won’t be disappointed.”
—Rick’s Café Magazine

Suzanne Tipton Offner was blessed to be raised by a mentally ill mother. She learned from this challenging experience how to see beneath the surface of relationships and find the mechanisms that empower people in difficult situations. From this launchpad she created “Popping The Crazy Bubble”, a practical guide to healing from dealing with the crazy people in your life. She shows you how to re-access your power and potential by rewriting the rules of manipulative relationships. Suzanne has a Masters degree in Marriage and FamilyTherapy fromTexas Woman’s University, and is a Certified Master Coach and Certified LeadTrainer. Her mother, who had Borderline Personality Disorder, passed in 2013. 

Another one of our fabulous presenters will be none other than world-class entertainer, Kenny Ahern. Touring the planet for over two decades, Kenny has been a faculty member with Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College and The University of Wisconsin—La Crosse’s Clown Camp® (twenty years). Kenny has been featured at the World Clown Association and Clowns of America International Conventions and the Clowns Around the World Festival/Conference—Singapore. He has also presented workshops for the Drama Departments of DePaul University, The University of Minnesota and the University of Virginia. Kenny will be giving us an amazingly hilarious and fun performance. See the video below for a taste. Visit his website.

“Kenny Ahern is one of those rare people who is an outstanding entertainer that has analyzed what he does, so he understands how to teach it.”
—Bruce “Charlie” Johnson–Entertainer and Author “Creativity For Entertainers” trilogy

Lynda Tourloukis is the original founder of the Laugh-Fest in the Midwest! She is joyfully dedicated to guiding inspired individuals, groups and organizations who seek to understand and apply the vast new emotional frontier with common sense, simplicity and lightheartedness. Lynda’s background in leadership, coaching, laughter and play along with her insightful empathic approach allow for a creative experience that listens and filters what is desired with what presents in skill and ability. The yield is a remarkable realization of what is possible when a playful attitude is understood and honestly applied, thus earning the title from past clients as the Amused Muse. She will be leading more big fun this year. Read her interview.  

Rick Gramlich has been part of the Laughter Yoga community for over a decade. His work in laughter helped him to become a member of an improvisational theater troupe in La Crosse, Wisconsin known as The Webernauts. Now an experienced improv artist, Rick will share some fun techniques for boosting joy and humor with improvisation. His interactive presentation will be called "ImprovYour Life! Just say YES!"






Mediator, Author and Inspirational Speaker, Dan Kramer, coaches individuals and groups in how to grab the helm to captain their own ship back on course during troubled waters. He and his wife, Shelley, have two sons and live near Lake MacBride in Solon, Iowa. He enjoys family and boating. Dan utilizes his experiences to provide assessments and tools needed for course correction. Over 100 clients have set sail in a new direction toward a more balanced and fulfilling life.You can too.  





ATTENTION: ​Celia is offering a fabulous pre-conference Laughter and the Voice workshop from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Friday. Space is limited. Click here to learn more.

It’s easy to laugh when everything is going your way but how do you keep Laughing when it seems like everything is going wrong and life keeps throwing you lemons?This is the situation Liz found herself in when she was diagnosed at the age of 28 with stage III breast cancer. Liz had every reason to be upset but instead she chose to look for the joy throughout her journey finding humor every step of the way. Liz will share how to fin laughter during life’s most difficult challenges. Laugh along with her as she shares about the hair loss and hilarity of her journey with cancer and discover how to keep Laughing when life keeps throwing you lemons. 


Clint Darr gave a TED talk and now he's coming to the Laugh-Fest for a second time! His journey with laughter as an everyday educator turned him into a laughter powerhouse among his peers and has given him national acclaim for bringing a humorous approach to education in the afterschool environment with the simplicity of laughter. Sharing the outline of his TED program and the anecdotal stories and strategies he’s incorporated along the way, prepare for BIG FUN as we explore how to engage, energize and boost afterschool programs in your communities. Discover the wide range of life benefits personally and professionally and the techniques that keep it flowing, while exploring the benefits we offer others. ROTFL guaranteed!

Angie Huffman is the founder and owner of Be Well God Bless. During a rough spot in her life she got on her knees and called out to God for help. He started introducing her to people that gave her healing and hope.The seed was planted to start an online community called Be Well God Bless for people to share who they are and what they do. He then took her on a journey to learn some important lessons that were necessary to develop her mission of helping people who are doing what they are called to do.