Another one of our fabulous presenters will be none other than world-class entertainer, Kenny Ahern. Touring the planet for over two decades, Kenny has been a faculty member with Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College and The University of Wisconsin—La Crosse’s Clown Camp® (twenty years). Kenny has been featured at the World Clown Association and Clowns of America International Conventions and the Clowns Around the World Festival/Conference—Singapore. He has also presented workshops for the Drama Departments of DePaul University, The University of Minnesota and the University of Virginia. Kenny will lead us in—get this—a PIE FIGHT! That’s right. He’ll teach us the clown art of making and throwing pies. We’ll also learn comic water spitting techniques sure to make you laugh. Visit his website.

Robert Rivest will be offering a 2-day Laughter Yoga Leader certification course May 4-5 right here in the Midwest. It will be held at the same venue so you can do both events. Visit Robert's website to learn more and register.

The retreat center where this event is being held is in the country outside of the river town of Ferryville, Wisconsin. Please consult the map above for the exact location. The nearest airport is La Crosse, Wisconsin. If you are flying in for this event, we'll do our best to hook you up with a carpool.

The Laugh-fest is an exciting weekend of laughter, fun, inspiration, creativity, dancing, singing, pie-throwing and various merriment—all in a gorgeous, natural setting. Whether you are new to laughter yoga, a seasoned professional or just someone interested in joy and wellness, there's something for you at the Laugh-Fest.

Check out the 2017 schedule here!

Robert Rivest

You deserve a laughter vacation!

All in a Beautiful Retreat Setting

The 2017 Laugh-Fest will will include a plethora of activities including: 

• laughter yoga sessions

• a Celia concert

• a TED-talk

• everybody-wins games 

• a costume party

• a talent show

• guided hike

• a laughing labyrinth walk

• dancing—hip hop, folk & meditative

• campfires

• a wood-fired sauna

• massage therapy (for additional price)

• a horse cart ride

• wearing pantsuits

• a field-trip to a laughing church

• meditation

• a pie fight

• inspirational presentations

...and much, much more!

The complete schedule is here.​

Laughing Laura and Rev. Jane Voigts (pictured above at political rallies) are excited to present their brand new workshop experience called "Laughter for a change" at this year's Laugh-Fest. They have also been selected as presenters to share this at the
Wild Goose Festival of art, music and story-driven transformation in North Carolina. The relationship of comedy, peacemaking and faith is one not often considered. Too bad! At this workshop, they will share from history and global cultures especially fun examples of comedy, festivity and play successfully engendering resistance to oppression and leading to healing and social transformation. They will share some pertinent ideas from Christian theologians. They will playfully explore biblical texts that (surprisingly!) encourage laughter in emerging God’s realm. The workshop culminates with the spontaneous creation of an event utilizing merriment for protest and social justice...! Come learn how powerful - and fun - comic peacemaking can be!!


We are delighted to announce that our keynote speaker for the Laugh-Fest 2017 will be internationally admired performer and teacher Robert Rivest. In addition to being a renowned comic mime artist, he is also an accomplished health, literacy and stress relief educator, a gifted mindfulness teacher, a certified laughter yoga master trainer and an engaging public speaker. Since 1990 Robert Rivest has given over 7,000 presentations in Europe, Asia, Africa and across the U.S. His mission is to use mindfulness, laughter and the performing arts to bring health and happiness to individuals and organizations around the world.

At the Laugh-Fest he will be performing a mime and giving a workshop called "Mindfulness, Expression and Laughter Yoga". You won't want to miss Robert's inspiration.

“Kenny Ahern has crafted a unique style. He is dedicated to the importance of laughter. Kenny is true to the art and faithful to the audience making their FUN the most important step in the process of entertainment.”
—Phyllis "Daisy" Sheffield–World Clown Association, President 2007

Become a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

Lynda Tourloukis will be offering a 5-day Laughter Yoga certification course April 30-May 4 right here in the Midwest. It will be held at the same venue so you can do both events. Visit Lynda's website to learn more and register.


Join Robert, Kenny and our other fantastic presenters for a whole weekend of fun and personal growth. Please visit this whole new page to learn about our presenters.​

Please visit this page to learn about the Celia Concert happening Friday, May 5 at 7 p.m. The public is welcome to attend. Tickets available in advance.

Become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

Kenny Ahern

Registration is now open! The all-inclusive price for the 10 year anniversary of the Laugh-Fest of the Midwest 2017 will be just $265. This includes 2 nights of shared retreat housing with a bathroom either in the room/cabin or down the hall, all meals, healthy snacks, and a myriad of delightful programming for the entire weekend. Use the convenient paypal link below to pay securely by credit card. If you prefer to pay by check, print the form below and mail to: PO Box 11, Marquette, IA 52158. 

The camp itself lends a great deal to the overall experience. That's why we've been holding the Laugh-Fest here for years. Not only do you connect with your laugh, your soul, your friends—old and new—but you connect with the natural world. This makes the experience that much more whole.  There are 635 pristine acres of wilderness at the camp and incredibly comfortable cabins. A guided hike will be offered but you're also free to explore the camp on your own. May is an awesome time to be in Ferryville!

This page describes the 2017 Laugh-Fest, which was the TEN YEAR blow-out.  Laughing Laura, along with Lynda Tourloukis, have coordinated this national event for a full decade and brought amazing presenters and laughers together.

There is not a 2018 Laugh-Fest yet scheduled. Would you like to be the organizer? If so, contact Laughing Laura!