Special feature television interview Laughing Laura and her laughter club gave for KWWL news in Waterloo, Iowa.

This is a ten minute radio interview Laughing Laura gave explaining Laughter Yoga and her international work in this field.

Laura Gentry, known as Laughing Laura, is an internationally known motivational speaker and the Founding Director of the Iowa School of Laughter Yoga. She's also an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and is currently the pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Lansing, Iowa.

Laughing Laura has been a pioneer in spreading the laughter movement throughout the United States and around the world. She has presented Laughter Yoga on six continents and was selected by Laughter Yoga University as the first woman in America to become a Master Trainer of Laughter Yoga. Also a Laughter Ambassador, she has produced a number of creative, laughter resources including six CDs, a book and the film Laugh Friends: A Laughter Yoga Workout for Kids, which was recommended by the American Library Association and chosen by Operation Military Kid to be sent to children's whose parents were deployed overseas.

With over twenty years of ministry and motivational speaking experience, Laughing Laura brings joyful enthusiasm to her hilarious events.  She's been in the press frequently and even appeared on Oprah (visit the press page here). Some of her notable clients are Mayo Clinic, GE Healthcare, Houston Area Parkinson's Association, and UnityPoint Health. 


Whatever your programmatic needs, Laughing Laura can work with you to create an exciting, memorable experience for everyone.  Energizing and motivating people to think creatively and work productively is easy with Laughter Yoga.  Consider utilizing her laughter leadership at the following events:

You can't go wrong with Laughter Yoga at Conferences.  These brief, large-group laughter experiences can provide an excellent ice-breaker at the start of an event, revitalize the group after lunch, and deliver a memorable send-them-home-with-a-bang closing session.

Church Programs
Let the Laughing Pastor share her theological musings about the Joy of the Lord and how laughter helps increase it! As a minister, she thrives in the church setting and has worked extensively with church camps, women's groups, ecumenical gatherings and more. Learn how to pray with laughter, sing "Jesus Loves Me" as you chuckle and learn about the ancient tradition of
Holy Hilarity Sunday. You'll be laughing out of the pews!  Check out this video of Laura leading laughter programs at a Christian retreat center or this one of Lutheran ladies laughing, which was featured in the documentary Boredom by Albert Nerenberg. Explore more at her Laughter Ministry page.

Health Events
Laughing Laura loves to do laughter programs for health care organizations.  With a hilarious powerpoint presentation, she explains the scientific basis for therapeutic laughter and then allows participants to experience the joy of laughing in this way.

Workshops & Retreats
Laughter Yoga can enable people to work cooperatively and collaboratively from the start.  The entire group dynamic shifts after laughing together. 

Training Days
Tired of the same old thing? Then create enjoyable events that encourage everyone's participation. Laughter Yoga is a fun and powerful way to help participants leave their inhibitions at the door and get into serious creative and learning mode.
Check out this video of Laughing Laura doing laughter meditation at a camp staff training.

Energize and renew your staff.  It makes good business sense.  Laughter sessions help to dissolve tensions within a group and increase productivity. Just after the session may prove to be the best time to promote new initiatives and strategies.  
Check out this video, which demonstrates how Laura got *serious* executives at GE Healthcare to laugh with abandon.

Laughing Laura is an artist. Explore her original works on jewelry, apparel and more at the CafePress Shoppe.

"Laughing Laura is amazing! That's why we made her a Laughter Ambassador. She speaks from the heart and inspires people with her true, joyful spirit."
—Dr. Madan Kataria, Laughter Yoga Founder

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Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of Laughter Yoga, affirms Laughing Laura's work to bring Laughter Yoga to religious communities. 

I hired Laughing Laura to give community lecture for Unity Point Health. It was very well-attended and well-received. Laura energetically brought the audience in and they were so involved in the laughter exercises.  Even people who were unable to stand up participated from their seats.  I loved seeing all the smiles and laughter fill the auditorium.  One of the audience members said she wasn’t even going to come because she had such a bad headache, but decided to come and her headache was gone after the Laughing Yoga session.  It was great to see all ages participating!
—Jessica Smith, RN, BS, Wellness Coordinator
Unity Point Health-TRMC, Fort Dodge, Iowa

For our Successful Aging lecture series, we invited Laughing Laura to give a presentation on the health benefits of laughter. We had the highest attendance all year at her session and the feedback forms overwhelmingly declared the presentation "Wonderful!" We feel her event was an excellent value for everyone.
—Elder Services, Fransciscan Skemp Healthcare
LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Laughing Laura presented a laughter program to the Diabetic Support Group at our hospital in Waukon. One member of the group was so excited that he wrote a letter to the editor of our local newspaper sharing how just one Laughter Yoga session with Laura lowered his glucose level when nothing else he had tried could do so. I think Laughter Yoga is one of the best innovations of the 21st Century! 
—Cathy Zahn RN, Diabetes Education Coordinator
Veterans Memorial Hospital, Waukon, Iowa

​Laughing Laura gave the opening lecture at our "Live It Up!" Conference and it got us off to a wonderfully happy, joyous, and laughter-filled start! As the event director, I appreciate having a keynote speaker who can set a positive tone for the entire line-up of conference activities. The energy Laura generated during her half-hour presentation was carried by attendees, presenters, and vendors throughout the day! I heard a lot of references to laughter  and demonstrations of responding to would-be stressful situations with laughter!
—Marian Maciej-Hiner, Live It Up! Event Director
University of Wisconsin, Platteville, Wisconsin

We appreciate the expertise, time and the energy Laura put into presenting at our Symposium on Geriatric Health.  She did an absolutely excellent job and played a big part in making this year's symposium a success!  We loved her enthusiasm and energy!

—Thomas Loepfe, MD, Director of Geriatric Health
Fransciscan Skemp Healthcare, LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Every time I've seen Laughing Laura give a presentation, it's made my heart sing! She is such a lovely and pure spirit—so positive and full of creative ways to increase world laughter.  She's a rising star!

—Dr. Funshine (a.k.a. Caroline Meeks)

​    Pediatrician & Laughter Yoga Teacher

Above are are testimonials from Laughing Laura's presentation at the Integrative Medicine Conference in Jerusalem.